Debbie Smyth

Who: Debbie Smyth What: installation of thread drawing Why: I love the idea of using thread and materials in my next project and this piece particularly interests me because of the "shading" created with more thread

Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo

The double exposure in this picture is very good. It seems to fit just right and make the picture elegant but still interesting. Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo

The Giacomo Costa Site

Giacomo Costa_'Agglomerato diasec on perspex Photography manipulation idea, collage or photoshop many of your own images or mix with secondary source.

22 landscape photographs that use power lines to great effects

This photo is an example of converging lines, converging lines is when two or more lines meet at a single point within the picture.

Meeting Place, Wuzhen » Ian Murphy Drawings

Fine parralel hatching, cross hatching and shading using pencils create a reflective and translucent illusion.

♥ Thomas Kellner More

125 years ago today, the Eiffel Tower was officially completed in Paris after 2 years, 2 months, and 5 days of construction.

Building sketch

Boston USA America black and white drawing painting art architecture building corner street city © Camilla Dowse