©Antonio Mora. Where Dreams Will Take You Double Exposure

Spanish photographer Antonio Mora fuses standard portraits with landscape, animal, and abstract photography, resulting in extraordinary combinations.

Suzann Victor's Immaculate Conception of a Cloud 2015 series uses paper pulp in an unprecedented way, as the very pigment to paint with rather than as a receiving surface for mark-making.

Pia Männikkö, Déjà Vu, 2014

Pia Männikkö, Déjà Vu, This image depicts how unconscious memory sticks as psychic matter as residual energy in every space you exist.

Fernand Fonssagrives, Lisa Fonssagrives

Lisa Fonssagrives, (Fernand Fonssagrives) --- Portrait - Black and White - Light Reflections - Shadows

Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movement - My Modern Met

Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movement

Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movment by Helsinki-based artist Pia Männikkö. She observes and recre­ates phys­i­cal paths of the human form, using tulle fab­ric and ink.

Realistic Pencil Drawings by Ileana Hunter

Natalie Portman Minimalism Pencil Drawing Fine Art Portrait Glamour Beauty Print Hand Signed - Art is my inspiration.