Old style/things bring memories

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I used to wear barrettes like these!

vintage barrettes - sweet - reminds me of my childhood. they don't hold hair for shit but they are really cute.

Do you remember Johnny Morris making wildlife fun for children everywhere?

Animal Magic - johnny Morris, awww remember his lovely singsong voice

School milk - it came in bottles,

School milk - it came in bottles, then bags, then cartons, then Thatcher the milk snatcher took it away altogether! Frozen in Winter, turned in the summer. I was a milk monitor

My Mum taught me how to sew on one of these. v@e

Singer Treadle much like my Mom's. My first memory was watching her sew and listening to the treadle hum. - I still have my grandmother's.

school desks with ink wells - I sat at desks like this in primary school - but did not write with ink! (not quite that old) ***ditto***

Old school desks Iron framed and bolted to the floor. Notice the inkwell. I had to write with a nibbed pen - and I'm still alive.

My grandmother had an outside loo

My nan had one like this, bloody freezing in the winter, lots of spiders, and dark! The outside loo.

Overhead projectors in math and science class

The classroom overhead projector. Some of these were still in use last school year when I retired from the teaching profession. I had only had mine out of the classroom for a year, when I went exclusively with the smartboard and the E.

Johnson's Baby Powder vintage tin

Vintage Johnson & Johnson Baby Talcum Powder Collectible Tin Advertising Brunswick, NJ (I remember this in the metal canisters.) I remember that Johnson's baby powder smelled much better back in the metal canisters.


A touch of cottage charm. Blue cupboard / hutch with blue & white toile interior on cupboard doors <> (The Cottage Market: Take Five)