I'm afraid somebody else might take my place
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the zodiac sign for aquarius, with an image of a fountain in the center
The Shitty Horoscopes Anthology is now funding on Kickstarter
an image of a diagram of the human body with words below it that say, aquarius
the stars are in no one's favour
an old computer screen with the message'if you accidentally disperd tomorrow, would anybody notice it? '
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silhouettes & shadow sounds Night Vale, Roslindale, Jonestown, Raphael, Homestuck, Dnd, Aes, Alma, Oc
silhouettes & shadow sounds
silhouettes & shadow sounds
Dementia by Izak David photography #dark #soul #selfportrait
Dementia by Izak David photography #dark #soul #selfportrait
a computer screen with the words, these weren't originally my memories but i'm happy to take care of them
the doomsguard memories
an abstract painting of a woman holding an umbrella over her head with red and yellow colors
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black and white painting of a woman with long hair
József Attila összes költeménye
black and white drawing of a hand reaching out from the ground
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a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Motivation, Mental Health, Writing Tips, Wise Words, Words Of Wisdom, Truth, Facts
23+ Funny Tumblr Posts That You Should Check Now
Izak David photography #dark #conceptual #selfportrait Pose Reference, Madness
Izak David photography #dark #conceptual #selfportrait