Symptoms of High Blood Sugar: Hyperglycemia

Symptoms of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) correspond with many of the symptoms of diabetes, unsurprisingly as a diabetes diagnosis relies on testing for high blood glucose.


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Google Alternative: SEO, Backlinking And All That Bull

Nugget of Day: Taking the bull by the horns. Controlling your life on all levels. Its your life to ask for what you want! Dont wait for someone else to make it happen!

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Diabetic Coma: View From the Inside

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Diabetic Coma: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Diabetic coma through high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is completely preventable. That is if you know the symptoms that warn that diabetic coma is imminent.


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The shadows in ones mind

The shadows in ones mind

Mount Etna eruptingREZA SALAMI, Ph.D., P.E

Mount Etna eruptingREZA SALAMI, Ph.D., P.E