Mop this delicious sauce up with homemade ciabatta or focaccia! Have it alone or with several other Tapas dishes! Just add friends!

Tapas - Chilli, Tomato and Chorizo Prawns - Humble Tart Kitchen

A budget busting chilli for the slow cooker. Fab for those slow weekends!

By Katherine I love seeing chili recipes, but never use one. It's always about what's on hand. A spoonful of salsa, leftover pico de gallo or burrito sauce, jalapenos that are getting wrinkly.

A spicy sausage risotto, very cheap & tasty!

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BBQ Spicy Leg of Lamb

Nothing like tender lamb in Spring…. The bbq’s are being dusted off so don’t do the usual, go for something a little …

Spicy Sausage Stew

A warming inexpensive hearty meal, for all the family!

A small pastry filled mini pasty, perfect with a pint!

Homemade baked empanadas - looks like an easy, simple dough recipe - can sub ww flour in

This basic noodle salad can be reworked to suit your tastes! I added prawns! No need for amounts, just add as much or as little as you like!

really close to how daniel's mom makes them! but you gotta add the sichuan hua jiao for that extra kick. Spicy Cold Noodles, like a Chinese pasta salad

Prawn and Chickpea Chilli

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A great Portuguese spicy chicken dish, which has been made popular since the arrival of that well known chicken restaurant

A delicious recipe featuring chicken simmered in a spice sauce of onions and lemons. The prep time is long because