Potato & Pea Curry. Vegan minus the yogurt to serve with it.

Potato & Pea Curry This vegetarian curry is great as a main dish, or make as a side dish to serve with a family curry …

Vegan Vegetable Stew

INGREDIENTS: Half a butternut squash – take skin off …

Quinoa, Corn and Herb Salad

Fresh Spring Salads: Quinoa, Corn, and Mint Salad - 30 Healthy Summer Salads - Coastal Living Mobile

try a delicious summer veg soup!

Make Monday a meat free day and try a delicious summer veg soup!

Spicy Coconut Vegetarian Stew

INGREDIENTS: Half a butternut squash – take skin off …

Bondi Baker – Refreshing Berry Crunch Smoothie

This refreshing berry smoothie is the perfect vegan healthy treat. It has a subtle touch of crunch from the gluten-free granola, and the coconut yoghurt …

Cauliflower steaks

It’s one of those veggies that if cooked wrong is rather yuck. I have never really been that keen on it myself.

Beetroot and Quinoa salad

Beetroot and Quinoa salad - Humble Tart Kitchen

This basic noodle salad can be reworked to suit your tastes!

but you gotta add the sichuan hua jiao for that extra kick. Spicy Cold Noodles, like a Chinese pasta salad

Sugar-free Summer sorbet

I absolutely love mango sorbet. It’s just the thing to have on a hot summer day, but I’m not so keen on having all that …

A delicious aubergine stew from the heart of Sicily

A traditional vegetarian aubergine stew style dish from Sicily, perfect as a main course with garlic bread or as a side dish!