Crazy hair day…

Crazy hair day…

Crazy hair day…too cute! But the weird thing is, she says "my daughter had crazy hair day", then says "this is what her mom came up with!" Is this another girl or your daughter who you aren't the mom of?


I Thought You Said Extra Fries //perfect hahah Walters Walters McIntosh Dowman Dowman Searby

you're tea-rrific card. Would be fab for Mum's birthday! (Round t bag in card box)

An easy DIY Valentine card for your sweet-tea! Pinning for the pun- cute tag for any tea related gift!


How To Get A Bikini Body

How to have a beach body: Have a body Go to the beach Simple as this!

No One Knows Pain Like a Crazy Cat Lady

Cat People Have a High Tolerance to Pain (no one knows like a crazy cat lady).


Off the Mark: Jenny is the new kid in class. Everybody hiss until you're used to her.