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From Dr Robert O Young: When you gain weight you put additional stress on all organs and organ systems including the skeletal system. I reckon hanging this in the kitchen would help with weight loss!

Body scan of a 250 lb. woman compared to a 120 lb. On the 250 lb woman you can see the lower bone density, fatty heart, low percentage of muscle. notice the size of the intestinal tract and the fat pockets around the BRAIN.

5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle!!! This is why you should never ever allow a scale to determine your weight loss and fitness progress. Look at you body changing, muscles showing that you never even knew you had, you endurance increasing with everyday you push yourself... Thats how to truly measure your fitness, not by the weight of your body! Get healthy the right way everyone!

It is true when they say 5 lbs. is 5 lbs. be it fat or muscle but here is great visual reminder- 5 lbs. of fat next to 5 lbs. of muscle.

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