Sharon Hurst

Sharon Hurst

UK  ·  Watercolour artist working as a demonstrator in Fantasy.
Sharon Hurst
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No doubt which way the wind blows!

The Divi Divi tree: the often strong trade winds ubiquitous throughout the Caribbean, Central and South American coasts, is a result of their contorted countenance. The tree is also a natural compass.the divi divi always point southwest.

The Roger Dean Gallery is the online home of iconic album cover artist Roger Dean. Browse the galleries, shop fine art prints, original paintings and sketches, or keep up to date with Roger's events and exhibitions in

The cover art for Dave Greenslade's Cactus Choir album by designer Roger Dean, 1976

The solo-album of the Greenslade's original keyboarder Dave Greenslade with the other musicians. Album tracks: Pedro's Party Gettysburg Swings a.

Beaumaris on the isle of Anglesey, Wales. The most impressive example of a concentric castle in the world. Aerial view reproduced under the UK open government license.

Beaumaris Castle: Located in Wales it is the last and largest castle to be built by King Edward I in It is one of Britain's most sophisticated medieval military architecture. Beaumaris Castle is almost completly symmetric.

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