Gautier garment which combines elements of crinoline, corset, spine, and birdcage.

Jean Paule Gautier dress which combines elements of crinoline, corset, spine, and birdcage.

1860 The vast hoop skirts of the mid-19th century were supported by crinolines – steel, cage-like structures worn with a corset and petticoats. The crinoline reached its maximum dimensions in 1860 and then started to shrink to less ludicrous proportions. for women.

A brief history of underwear

The is the start of the Cage Crinoline. The crinoline is the actually cage like substance that goes under the dress. The Cage Crinoline dress is a very very wide hoop skirt dress.

Sculptural Fashion - 3D dress with intricate pleated structure; futuristic fashion; innovative fashion design // Iris Van Herpen Fall 2016

Iris Van Herpen Couture an imitation of octopus and squid using printing; designer from holland

Diane Arbus - Masked Child with a Doll, 1961. S) so thats not creepy at all!

frenchtwist: via firsttimeuser: Masked Child with a Doll, 1961 photo by Diane Arbus: Dolls creep me the hell out. I don't mind the girl's mask.

Body architecture. Iris van Harpen

The “Cathedral Dress” by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen, from her most recent Spring 2012 couture collection, "Micro." printing, combined with a technique called ‘copper electroplating bath.' via the creators project, post: dressing Bjork

Marc Quinn self sculpture, made with his own blood and frozen at a specific temperature. reminds viewers how precious life is

“ Back in fine artist Marc Quinn, (one of what’s now known as the Young British Artists) started the greatest self-portrait project of all time. Self (blood head) is a self portrait that has.

Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Untitled [Sitting boy with mask and masked hands] - Online Collection - Akron Art Museum

‘Spine’ corset on The Museum of Savage Beauty The ‘Spine’ corset is one of the most notable examples of McQueen’s collaboration with Shaun Leane which resulted in radical but beautiful jewellery and body sculpture.

Alexander McQueen S/S 1998 spine corset. The construction of this large body piece was complex, and Shaun Leane used a human skeleton to cast the corset. He crafted each bone by hand. The corset fastens like armour with three black leather buckle-straps.

Dance in Brooklyn photo by William Klein, NY 1955

View Danse, Brooklyn by William Klein on artnet. Browse more artworks William Klein from Polka Galerie.