Braun T3 pocket radio (1958 ) by Dieter Rams

Ten Commandments of Design. "Good design is unobtrusive" (Braun pocket radio, 1958 )

Dieter Rams + Braun, 1963

T 1000 Weltempfaenger (Radio) Date: 1963 (designed) 1963 (manufactured) Place: Germany Artist/maker: Rams, Dieter

Dieter Rams: The Documentary / Blog / Need Supply Co.

606 Universal Shelving System, Dieter Rams, 1960 for Braun - Rationalism - *Lecture: Ulm School of Design (HfG)* & *The Sixties: Plastic and Freedom*

1962 Braun Scale by Dieter Rams

Pick-up scale used to weigh the arm of a record player so that the pressure is correct. Via Röhsska Museum

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