great hoodie and gloves.

I could see myself wearing this. It's out of stock, or I'd probably have already ordered it! Outerwear :: Coats :: Re) Avant-garde Slim Fit Hood Coat-Coat 11 - Mens Fashion Clothing For An Attractive Guy Look

// Alexandra Vershueren

Experimental Fashion Design - paper-engineering inspired coat with folded fabric cut outs; fashion // Alexandra Vershueren amazing art on the move couture looks like the surreal landscape of an escher painting or etching in wearable form

Vera Wang Spring 2012 RTW Preview

Vera Wang / Spring 2012 RTW Reminds me of Pretty in Pink

50 Origami-Inspired Fashion Styles - From Futuristic Geometric Dresses to Complex Origami Couture (TOPLIST)

50 Origami-Inspired Fashion Styles

Futuristic Geometric Dresses - These beautiful futuristic geometric dresses by designers Mercedes Arocena and Lucia Benitez showcases the amazing results you can achieve by playi.

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Sculptural Folds white coat with oversized collar detail

Lucy McRae: Blurring The Lines Between Art, Technology And The Human Form

Lucy McRae: Blurring The Lines Between Art, Technology And The Human Form

Work by Lucy McRae "ROBYN ALBUM COVERS": Suspended from a delicately constructed coat hanger construction floats a seven layered paper pixel textile of electro-pop icon Robyn, with the real Robyn knitted amongst her seven other selfs.

Anja Mlakar’s Fall 2011-12 collection

Anja Mlakar’s Fall collection Texture has unlimited variations!

alexandra verschueren

Wearable Art - bold fashion with experimental construction resembling pop-up architecture - sculptural fashion design;

#fashion #trend #style #inspiration #woman #layers #construction

Photographed by Kacper Kasprzyk for Bergdorf Goodman Spring 2011 ”