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Iain Scott

Sorry there is a lot of bikes and planes...you may get board looking😃
Iain Scott
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Martin Mars.  You don't see many pics of this around.

Martín Mars flying boat, seen at it's mooring on a lake on Vancouver Island. The red and white livery belongs to the air tanker/water bomber company that operates the Mars fighting forest fires each year. They are amazing aircraft to watch in action.

A 10 Warthog Armament | Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II photo gallery

The "ThunderBolt (later named The WartHog) and the noise she brings with her. The first time I saw her perform was during Operation Devil Strike in October before we got pulled into the desert disaster of President Carter era.

A vast abandoned military airplane graveyard in France known to urban explorers as La Casse Mirage

Known to urban explorers as "La Casse Mirage", this massive aircraft graveyard is home to numerous decommissioned French warplanes awaiting scrapping.

Genious Diy Pantry Space Saver!

Organize Your Pantry: DIY Lazy Susan Pantry: This would be great for a small kitchen with limited storage space. --- I wonder if we could replace our standard pantry shelves with something like this. This would be better than pull out shelves.