H2O Pendant Lamp by In-es.artdesign | MONOQI

Italian artist Ocilunam brings the celestial galaxy into our homes with his label In-es.artdesign, with the lunar surface looming large in his creative skies. The moon’s mysteries are the model for the label’s lighting collection, constructed of Nebulite,

MONOQI | Moutarde Soft Loft Armchair

Under an exclusive licence, Polish label 366 Concept has renewed the production of Josef Chierowski’s classic 366 armchair—here in a rocking chair form—to share it with the modern world.

MONOQI | Start Up Chair

Clean design lends itself to a clear conscience, particularly when it’s made with sustainably sourced materials, and healthy living in mind. Distinguished by its rounded form and contemporary colour palette, the Start Up Chair from Berlin label Green Livi