Iancu Catalina

Iancu Catalina

Iancu Catalina
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What REAL female bodies look like: Women of all shapes and sizes pose for nude silhouettes in empowering photo series - Univ. of WY art project

These nude photos offer a powerful message -- without showing any skin. The University of Wyoming Union's

Beautiful owl shaped dream catcher idea. Looks pretty easy!

These Owl Dream Catchers look stunning! We've included how to weave Dream Catchers plus a Doily Dream Catcher and Macrame Owl Pendants for you to try.

Be guided by the moonlight As we sleep we have many dreams complex and simple. Each dream catcher is made with the hand of a Medium to help guide us

Pandahall provides craft ideas for making handmade jewelries. You can get the amazing craft idea when you buy the materials

50 Fun Ways to Hang Your Jewelry

DIY Earrings Frame -simple earrings frame using plastic canvas inside a frame to hold and display earrings. Or - even better - use an old metal screen/window frame

28 DIY Gifts For Your Girlfriend |

Not necessarily a map but forgot about this kind of project. Did these in elementary school art. DIY Favorite Map Panel DIY Favorite Map Panel - gift of the place you love for someone you love