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a large cathedral towering over a city next to a lush green forest filled with trees
Edinburgh | iangelo photography
The historical capital city of Scotland, dubbed the Athens of the North. A beautiful city with great people and amazing hangouts. Wanna see more?
a black and white photo of a dog looking at the camera with an intense look on its face
Man's best friend(s)...
Snorting and snoring, always exploring and somehow combining an incredible capacity for being lazy with having fun! Theres no other breed like a French Bulldog!
three different shots of the night sky with stars in it and one showing bright colors
Blog | iangelo photography
Milky Way
an artistic view of a large building with mountains in the back ground and snow on the ground
Home | iangelo photography | edinburgh
black and white photograph of an old castle on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere
Home | iangelo photography | edinburgh
Slains Castle - Where time stands still
an ancient building with carvings on the side and people sitting at the top in it
Single post | iangelo photography
A walk among ancient ruins
an aerial view of a city in the mountains
Single post | iangelo photography
Meteora Greece - UNESCO World Heritage Site
an aerial view of the beach and ocean
Single post | iangelo photography
Cruden Bay - a bird's-eye view
a view of a town and the ocean at sunset
Single post | iangelo photography
Patmos island Greece - time to relax
an old red car parked next to a wall
Single post | iangelo photography
25 amazing iPhone photos
the night sky is filled with stars and trees
Home | iangelo photography | edinburgh
Night Sky, Star Photography