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people skating on an ice rink in front of a large building at night with lights
Five Famous Outdoor Ice Rinks around the World
Ice skating can be a good way to enjoy holidays. Here are five famous outdoor ice rinks around the world.
children in long red dresses are dancing on the snow outside an old building with large windows
Christmas Ice Skating Rinks in London
The best Christmas Ice Rinks around the UK
people are standing in front of a tree at night with lights on the trees and snow falling all around
LACE UP: A Guide To Chicago's Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks
Millenium Park, Chicago - ice skating!! This city is even prettier in the winter! #mybalsamhillhome
a man skating on an ice covered lake at dusk with trees in the background and clouds in the sky
Natural ice rink ice skating on a reflective frozen lake
people are skating on an ice rink in the city at night with neon signs above them
International Removals | Moving Overseas | Santa Fe Relocation
Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto. LOVE this ice rink!!
an aerial view of a city at night with lights on the buildings and people walking around
Glasgow Loves Christmas (and every other time of year!)
Most big events in Glasgow revolve around George Square and Christmas is no exception. With a fun fair and Scotland's largest outdoor ice rink it is a hive of activity
people skating on an ice rink at night in front of a building with christmas lights
London’s best ice rinks
Where I live...there aren't too many places to ice skate but, I do love to go and last time I went...I was with my boyfriend while he was here visiting. I've seen in pictures how beautiful the ice rinks are in London and how many options I would have and since we skated here last time...to do it where he lives next time would be really cool...that's why this is a must-do for me :)
people skating on an ice rink in front of a large building at night with lights
Get Your Skates On This Christmas! The World’s Best Ice Rinks
Budapest Outdoor Ice Rink