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Safex Platinum - ICO | ⭐ Finance | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Presentation Video, Social Networks, The Borrowers, Finance, Social Media, Economics

Safex Platinum

ICO ✅ Safex Platinum is a peer-to-peer marketplace and fungible digital cash gamification system with the ability to earn Points, Rewards, Dividends and borrow with our “No Payment” signature loans. Safex Platinum Tokens provide a means for people to license themselves within the blockchain network

Instant Assets Tokens - ICO | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Asset Management, Management Company, Blockchain Technology, Property Search, Fundraising, Platform, Real Estate, Concept, Learning

ICO List with Reviews 2019-2020 | Free Submission

ICO ⭐ list 2019-2020. Community reviews in the ultimate list with ongoing and upcoming ICO projects. ✅ Free list Submission, ICO Promotion and Marketing services. Advanced search for ongoing and upcoming token sales. Links to ICO websites, whitepapers and social accounts. Link Your ICO to Success!

INTELLIGENT HERO - ICO | ⭐ Education | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Hero Symbol, Blockchain Technology, Crypto Currencies, Travel And Tourism, Machine Learning, Education, Teaching, Onderwijs, Studying


ICO ✅ INTELLIGENT HERO is a platform that combines the technicalities of blockchain technology with the simplicity of an educative community of professionals with descriptions that cuts across various fields, and industries. We offer users the opportunity to connect with like-minds and individuals

ORBIT MAX - ICO | ⭐ Trading & Investing | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Investing


ICO ✅ ORBIT MAX (ORMX) coin seeks to provide a platform that combines the Ethereum Virtual Machine with the Bitcoin core to allow users to combine the best features of both platform with little or no problems. Since ORMX coin will use the Ethereum Virtual Machine

ICOE Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Social Networks, Blockchain, Wedding Ring, Social Media


ICO ✅ ICOE is an International Credit Open Exchange (ICOE) is an institution that enables international convertibility of bonus points. International Credit Open Exchange (ICOE) is an institution that enables international convertibility of bonus points. The company sets up localized alliance ...

MonolithosDAO - ICO | ⭐ Finance | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Presentation Video, Open Source Projects, Blockchain Technology, Decision Making, People Around The World, Social Networks, Cryptocurrency, Investing, Finance


ICO ✅ MonolithosDAO is a decentralized, unbiased, collateral-backed cryptocurrency soft-pegged to the Russian Ruble. Resistant to hyperinflation due to its low volatility, MCR offers economic freedom and opportunity to anyone, anywhere.This whitepaper is a reader-friendly description of the Platform

Candela - ICO | ⭐ Energy & Utilities | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Solar Energy, Solar Power, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, Social Networks, Solar Panels, We The People, Education, Sun Panels

Candela Coin

ICO ✅ Candela aims to create truly decentralized solar energy all across the world made up of we the people, not the power companies or middlemen. We have created IoT hardware and software for seamless peer-to-peer energy transfer. By using blockchain technology we enable owners of solar panels ...

tap ICO Blockchain Technology, Entertainment System, Online Games, Social Networks, Investing, Social Media, Home Theatre


ICO ✅ Tap is sparking a revolution in banking. Your Tap card lets you use Crypto for your everyday spending habits. You can withdraw cash from ATMs and make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Simply convert your Crypto to the currency you want to spend in and we will take care of the rest

CorionX as an utility token stands for the adoption, usage and spreading of stablecoins, CBDCs, OpenFinance, Crypto and DeFi solutions. Introducing them to the world and supports the collaboration of the community. Security Token, Presentation Video, Paradigm Shift, Blockchain Technology, New Chapter, Entertainment System, Social Networks, Collaboration, Adoption


ICO ✅ CorionX as an utility token stands for the adoption, usage and spreading of stablecoins, CBDCs, OpenFinance, Crypto and DeFi solutions. Introducing them to the world and supports the collaboration of the community. CorionX creates the one platform for stablecoins and leads the ...

CIVIL - ICO | ⭐ Legal | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Presentation Video, Criminal Justice System, Party Service, Social Networks, Vulnerability, Civilization, Finance, Management, Social Media


ICO ✅ CIVIL is an Ethereum protocol system for criminal justice data management which transforms the way parties in the criminal justice system have traditionally communicated compliance data by improving the way in which data is stored, shared and secured. Civil reduces administrative costs ...

clipX - ICO | ⭐ Education | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Presentation Video, Video On Demand, You Videos, Social Networks, Blockchain, Finance, Knowledge, How To Plan, Education


ICO ✅ clipX is planning a blockchain based e-learning platform and an ICO for the provision of a new fee-based centralized version (as well as a decentralized version at a later date). The main goal is to become the market leader in this space. This platform is unique in its performance and rewards

Reckoon - ICO | ⭐ Infrastructure | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Platform As A Service, Presentation Video, Social Networks, Blockchain, Social Media


ICO ✅ Reckoon is shaping the future of the retail industry by providing Blockchain & AI enabled Global Shopping Platform as a Service. At the core of our End-to-End shopping ecosystem is the Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS), providing a standardised and universal way to fulfil the shopper

BRIDGECOIN - ICO | ⭐ Finance | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Token System, Global Mobile, Market Economy, Presentation Video, Local Banks, Blockchain Technology, Financial Institutions, Forex Trading, Social Networks


ICO ✅ BRIDGECOIN (BD) is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency issued by BRIDGE team for BRIDGE network. Stellar based blockchain technology, digital currency named Bridge. Lucrative platforms and ecosystems supplementing the token for users to experience a one-stop solution. Unique features and apps ...

Cowrium - ICO | ⭐ Machine Learning & AI | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Legacy System, Crypto Market, Blockchain Technology, New Opportunities, Machine Learning, Investing


ICO ✅ Cowrium is a multidimensional blockchain project that comprises of a number of advanced blockchain solutions/apps with the aim to make blockchain adaptability easier, affordable and profitable for small businesses & enterprises. A user of the Cowrium platform as well as the holders/investors

Quantum Generation - ICO | ⭐ Infrastructure | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Blockchain Technology

Quantum Generation™

ICO ✅ Quantum Generation Ltd. is a revolutionary transformational space and ground-based solutions infrastructure. It is combining quantum solutions, communications, and blockchain technology with space-based solutions that are creating the Quantum Generation or the QG™ Generation. You will not need

AssetfinX - ICO | ⭐ Smart Contracts | ICO LIST | ICOLINK Online Social Networks, Security Token, Innovation Strategy, Travel And Tourism, Blockchain, It Hurts, Finance, Economics


ICO ✅ AssetfinX is an inventive crypto ecosystem with integrated services furnish simplified and sophisticated trading platform which ultimately enchants the crypto community needs with innovative UI, rapid liquidity, multilingual and real-time customer support for secure and risk- free trading ...