+Sunshine is the best medicine! It's a great mood booster and it helps promote strong bones (vitamin D aids calcium absorption). so it's important to get outside, to take in the sunshine, and get my daily dose of vitamin D.

A trip to the British seaside just wouldn't be complete without a stick of rock to break your teeth on. Made from pulled sugar, rock took off in the 1800s, though there's serious debate about where lettered rock was first produced. Blackpool usually claims the honour, though nearby Morecambe has also been credited.

Favourite traditional British sweets: in pictures

I have always wanted my very own beach hut. Maybe one day? Beach huts in Essex, England

I received a message in the afternoon that I was to meet Alec 'in front of our beach hut.

Coastal Living ⚓ English Seaside Beach Huts Recommended by http://www.londonlocks.com/ London Locksmiths.

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Margate - Vintage English Seaside resorts.

Margate - Vintage English Seaside resorts.