I am pinning this invite only because I like the idea of using a textured die-cut of some kind. Depending on the card colour it could look great in black... maybe black on black with a bit of the school blue.

Weddbook ♥ diy lace doily envelope for wedding invitations. Handmade - DIY vintage wedding shower or wedding invitation with lace doily envelope doily envelope diy lace invitation vintage

If the budget allows, using blind-embossing (the white textured area) can add a beautiful, unique and stand out application to an invite.

I like the letter press print and the use/simplicity of the colors. AOh So Beautiful Paper: Jaime + Anthony’s Modern Woodgrain Wedding Invitations

This invite has an elegant & high quality feel. Depending on production it could be expensive/time consuming to create. A less intricate version may be an option. For our purposes, toning down the feminine feel may also add to it.

Palettera Custom Correspondences created eye-catching invitations, studded with Swarovski crystals. The flowers pulled apart to reveal the event details. Photo: Courtesy of Palettera Custom Correspondences

Beautiful patterns & textures are featured here.

How To Choose The Right Stationery For Your Wedding