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Boost your AP Literature skills with expert tips and techniques. Learn how to analyze literary works, write compelling essays, and ace your AP Literature exam with confidence.
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Spark Notes has boiled down the history of literary movements to a collection of one line quips. The problem with literature is that there’s so much of it. Books go back a long time (like at least ten or fifteen years, I’m thinking), and if you’re a student taking an English class, you’re supposed to be familiar with…

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This is my Ipad digital note. I am a literature student but still need some tips for studying it. I wrote down the advices from a gentle British Youtuber named jack. The title is “How to revise English Literature.” I think what he says help me alot so I noted all of them on my Goodnote 5

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Are you a teacher looking for ways to prepare your middle and high school students for advanced reading and writing? Look no further. This post will give you the top four skills all ELA students should learn. Inspired by AP English Literature and Composition skills and objectives, you'll learn strategies, tips, lesson ideas, and more for effective and efficient English language arts instruction.

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I've written about Teaching Channel before, and I'll be writing from time to time about a particular great idea I've found there. If you haven't already joined, remember that it's FREE, and signing up takes less than a minute! One of the many great Tch video clips shows middle school teacher Meagan Berkowitz teaching a poetry lesson using the SIFT Method - Symbol, Imagery, Figurative Language, and Tone or Theme. It's less than 5 minutes long, and well worth watching to see her interaction…

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