Balance beam

Improve your balance and coordination with these top balance beam ideas. Discover different techniques and exercises to enhance your skills and achieve new heights of balance.
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🌟 Welcome to a world of whimsy and balance with our Montessori Wooden Balance Beam! 🎈 This delightful sensory balance beam is a magical addition to your child's playtime, designed with love and care to spark their imagination. 🌈 🚀 Watch your child's skills soar to new heights as they tiptoe along this wobbly adventure! 🎢 The Montessori Balance Beam for Kids 3-5 is more than just a plaything; it's a tool for growth and self-discovery. 🌟 🤸‍♀️ Crafted in vibrant colors and sturdy…

Crystal Christiansen
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Ever since we went to the circus this spring the cowgirls have wanted a tight rope {yes one way up in the air}...ha ha yeah right, that's not happening {at least one of the cowgirls has received my coordination}. We compromised with a balance beam. They were on board {yay, much safer}. The hubs is such a softy and can't tell the girls no {I on the other hand do it all the time} so he whipped it out in no time {less than a half hour from start to finish} here is a quick photo tutorial of what…

Mai Jackie