Big wolf

Explore the fascinating world of big wolves through stunning images and interesting facts. Get to know these magnificent creatures and their unique characteristics.

Hi everyone! I saw this cool concept art of Thor vs Fenris from Thor Ragnarok, and I thought I'd do a little recreation in a photomanipulation style with mine. Hope you guys like it :D - Enjoy

But watch his next move. When this wolf sits down next to her, you can really see how big that wolf is. You never really notice how big they are on nature videos until now. #nature #wildlife #wolves #wolf via @madlyoddcom Dogs, Wolves, Largest Wolf, Wolf Dog, Pet Wolf, Wolf Love, Wild Dogs, Wolf, Wolf Sitting

This huge wolf weighs in at nearly 120 pounds and when he places his front paws up on your shoulders, he is over 7 feet tall. Check out the size comparison between this woman, who happens to be an average sized adult. When this magnificent creature sits down next to her, you can really see how big

Gloria Donnay

@TiffanyNoth A Wolf Turd, left there to scare off burglars. If you can make it to the frig in my house with out getting the Femoral artery severed in one of your legs you are a badass.

Carol Klamert