Bottle chandelier

Illuminate your space with a one-of-a-kind bottle chandelier. Explore creative ideas to repurpose bottles and transform them into stunning light fixtures that will add charm and personality to any room.
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Are you a big drinker of wine? It is possible that either you or other members of your family like drinking wine. Or else you have access to old wine bottles. You must be wondering by now why we are asking you these questions. The simple answer to this is that there are many intelligent ways to use your old wine bottles in case you are looking for something like that. The thing is that wine bottles are by themselves so pretty that they make an excellent base for your artistic endeavors…

Elizabeth Bennett
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Raise your hands in vogue if you love industrial styled furniture! Are you also one of those who have an acquaintance of business style? Have you ever thought to furnish your home with such elegant yet subtle designs of furniture? Today, we get to you some Classic and Cost Efficient Industrial Furniture Designs to design an Industrial home. Industrial furniture does not solely feature a cool and stylish industrial look that creates your house sort of mystery works. Most of all, you'll build…

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A few years ago i started "collecting" beer bottles. Every time i went to this liqueur store i would buy a different one keeping the bottles, my plan was to make a beer bottle chandelier, saw pins and tutorials on how to do it but never actually had the time and the patience to cut them. Since NEWFANGLED SCRAPYARD is my daily job, time and patience is not a problem. Struggled a bit on how to cut them perfectly without them cracking upwards but i really like the final product. I used a…

Johanna Marie