British beer

Explore the rich and diverse world of British beers. From ales to stouts, discover the top brews that will delight your taste buds and transport you to the heart of Britain's beer culture.
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I told you I'd be returning to St. Anne's Well Lager Beer. I bet you hadn't expected it to be quite so quickly. As you can see from the advert, they were still plugging away in 1885. ST. ANNE'S LAGER BEER A LIGHT, AGREEABLE TONIC. TESTIMONIALS are daily received the parity and excellence of ST. ANNE'S LAGER BEER. SOLD IN PATENT SCREW-BTOPPERED BOTTLES — IMPERIAL PINTS ONLY — AT 3s 6d PER DOZEN Charles Ekis, Esq., F. C. S., writes: "The results of my Analysts of the St. Anne's Lager Beer show…

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