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Discover the funniest and most disastrous cake wrecks that will leave you in stitches. Explore these epic fails and get ready for a good laugh!
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You've probably heard about his majesty, the king and the queen of all the delicious cakes smothered with whipped cream, the hedgehog cake. Started as a sincere baking fail by someone who thought that making such a dessert would be a walk in the park, it quickly turned into an internet craze with people deliberately making the worst hedgehog cakes out there. Take a look at some wonderfully awful examples in our previous entry right here.

Alessia Bruni
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Aw, you know you love it. Monica G. thinks this cake from the Wilton website looks like it's covered with rocks. I, however, say it looks like a pottery project. Covered in rocks. And here we have... A fish tank. In a wedding cake. That is all. (Thanks, Phyllis L.) If that i

Stacy Smith

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