Carbon steel

Unlock the potential of carbon steel with our top ideas and tips. From cookware to knives, explore the endless possibilities of this durable and versatile material.
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Carbon steel is cast iron's lighter, more maneuverable cookware cousin. It's the secret of professional kitchens — and we think it's high time this restaurant workhorse made its way into home kitchens. Like cast iron, carbon steel does take a little maintenance, but as long as you stay away from soap and long soaks in water you should be fine. Still, that doesn't mean rust and sticky residue don't happen. They do — or, if they haven't yet, they will. Here's what to do when your carbon steel

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About this item Standard Diameter: 1/4" / .25 InchesMetric Diameter: 6.35mmGrade: 500Material: AISI 1010 Carbon SteelBall Weight (each): .036897 Ounces / 1.046 GramsCarbon steel balls are used in automotive applications, for semi-precision bearings, and in commercial applications such as casters, locks, and drawer slides. Other applications for carbon steel balls include locks, bicycles, roller skates, slides, trolleys and conveyors.