Cat behaviour

Learn about cat behaviour and discover helpful tips and insights to better understand your feline friend. Enhance your bond and create a harmonious environment for your cat with these valuable insights.
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Mews: Cat Behaviours Explained - infographic

Hi everyone, Today we have a special infographic on Cat Behaviours for you. This one has been kindly provided to us by Sainsbury’s Bank. Ever wondered what your cat’s body language and other behaviors mean? Look no further it is all here in a fun and informative way! 😀 Don't miss out!Subscribe To NewsletterReceive [...]

Kimberly Biber
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Your Cat Body Language

Cats usually express their emotion thru the stroke of their tails, posture, ears and even their whiskers. It is also a way to communicate with other cats. Did you know that you can actually understand your cat body language just by looking at their tails? Here's are some of the example Understanding the meaning of the cat's tail movement Image credits to : Link Understanding the meaning of the cat ears Image credits to : Link Understanding the meaning of cat posture Image credits to : Link…

Denise Gremillion