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Another Valentine's Day has arrived and while happy couple swarm tables for two in every restaurant in town, I am celebrating another year of singlehood with three handsome homosexual men. Tonight the boys have surprised me with a ticket to the final instalment of the 2013 search for Vancouver's Next Drag Superstar. Inspired by the hit reality series RuPaul's Drag Race, a kind of America's Next Top Model for drag queens, Vancouver has a local addition in which they have cast their latest…

"America's Next Top Model" contestant Chantelle Brown-Young celebrates her differences: the 19-year-old has vitiligo, a condition that causes lighter patches to form on her skin. Swimwear, Tops, Fashion, Women, Bodysuit

When Chantelle Brown-Young was in second grade, she first realized her life would not be like everyone else’s. “I had just changed schools and befriended two girls who abruptly stopped talking to me after a few months,” said Brown-Young, 19, who has vitiligo that causes lighter patches to form on her darker skin. “I asked them why and they said their parents told them not to play with me b

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Ex-America’s Next Top Model contestant Chantelle Winnie is a face you won’t soon forget. If not for her beauty, for her skin condition – Vitiligo – which she has turned into a plus. The model has gained quite a following for her unique look and has served as inspiration for people of colour with Vitiligo. Shot […]

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‘America's Next Top Model’ Casting: Chantelle Brown-Young Speaks About Tyra Banks Picking Her For Show With Vitiligo ‘Will Stick With Me For The Rest Of My Life’ [VIDEO] Plaits, Locs, Chantelle Brown Young, Braids, Chantelle Brown, Jaw, Twists, Braid, Pretty

Fans of 'America's Next Top Model' know that Chantelle Brown-Young was cast on Cycle 21 of the hit reality show, but now Brown-Young is opening up about what an honor it is to be on Tyra Banks' program.