Chestnut trees

Explore the beauty and benefits of chestnut trees with our guide. Learn about different varieties, planting and care tips, and how to enjoy the delicious chestnut harvest.
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My Blooming Horse-Chestnut Trees - The Martha Stewart Blog

The large and colorful horse-chestnut trees are in full bloom now at my Bedford, New York farm. Every year around this time, the horse-chestnuts, Aesculus, burst with gorgeous pink flower clusters. I have a pair of these handsome trees at one end of my long Boxwood Allee just outside my stable. I also have a

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Under the Sweet Chestnut Tree

Under a spreading chestnut-tree The village smithy stands; So begins H. D. Longfellow's poem 'The Village Blacksmith' one oft-remembered by people of a certain age in the UK as a poem they've learnt in school. While the poem is more about impressing the fact that "at the flaming forge of life/ Our fortunes must be wrought;", for me it ends at the first line itself. For when one begins to contemplate the spreading chestnut-tree neither fortunes nor the flaming forges of life manage to get a…

Sacred Tree Profile: Chestnut’s Magic, Medicine, Mythology and Meaning (Castanea dentata) | The Druid's Garden Permaculture, Chesnut Tree, Sweet Chestnut Tree, Childhood Memories 60's, Straw Bale Gardening, American Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut, Harvest Basket, Essential Oils Herbs

Sacred Tree Profile: Chestnut’s Magic, Medicine, Mythology and Meaning (Castanea dentata) - The Druids Garden

Just a few weeks ago, I went and checked the local chestnut trees that are in a field near where I live. Ever since I moved to the new homestead, I have been eagerly visiting these trees. Last year, they dropped plenty of husks but with only shriveled nuts inside. This year, I was extraordinarily

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