Clear ice

Learn the secrets to making crystal clear ice at home. Discover the best methods and techniques to achieve perfect clarity in your ice cubes and elevate your cocktail game.
Can You Really Make Crystal-Clear Ice Cubes With Boiling Water? | Kitchn Water, Plastic Ice Cubes, Clear Ice, Ice Cubes, Ice Cube Trays, How To Make Crystals, Fruit Ice Cubes, Ice Cube, Ice Cube Recipe

Whether you have a built-in ice maker in the freezer or you make ice cubes the old fashioned way, you’ve probably noticed that your ice cubes appear cloudy and opaque. But, go to a restaurant or fancy cocktail bar and you’re likely to find crystal-clear cubes sitting on the bottom of the glass. Ever wonder how that happens? Well, there could be an easy way to get super crystal-clear ice at home. The ice that comes out of your freezer is usually milky-colored, not clear. Why?

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