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To live in the present is no easy task for anyone — we somehow seem to be living either in the past or the future. Celebrities, just like us, also enjoy spotting differences and similarities between “then and now” collages that throw us years or decades back in time. Looking at the past is an opportunity to see how far we’ve come, how much things have changed, and moreover, how much things have remained the same.

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See the best celebrity Halloween costumes and costume ideas for 2023: from Heidi Klum’s classic Halloween costumes to Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss back in the 1990s and Beyoncé winning outfits, Vogue edits some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes of all time.

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Chinese artist Luo Li Rong creates the most realistic feminine sculptures. This precise work and graceful lineaments give you an impression that the time has stopped and a second after the sculptures will move. You can almost see them breathing. Come and see! We bet you will fall in love with these

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