Contemporary embroidery

Explore the world of contemporary embroidery with these modern and chic ideas. Add a touch of creativity to your projects with these inspiring designs.
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A long-distance collaboration between two artists who pen-pal abstract textiles back and forth. Mindy Sue Meyers resides in Iron Mountain, Michigan and Jenna Freimuth resides in Minneapolis, MN. They embrace the chaos of collaboration and the obsessive repetition of stitching and embellishments to complete their work.

Gees Klein
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There are hundreds of embroidery stitches in the world. Some are simple, and some – are more complex. Some embroidery stitches are made for outlines, while others work best for borders or lettering. Also, there are many stitches for filling. We might group filling stitches by how much surface they cover and how much fabric […]

Sara De la Rosa
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The Thread Honey signature stars are used throughout many patterns on the site and provide a layered look to your star stitches. In this video tutorial you will learn how to create the Thread Honey Signature stars and once you've perfected your craft you'll be creating constellations in no time!