Cordial cherries

Indulge in the irresistible taste of cordial cherries. Discover the best recipes and brands to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try them today and treat yourself to a delightful experience.
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My Famous Chocolate Covered Cherries Recipe -

These are so good. I have to make 2 dozen for my grandmother every Christmas and she refuses to share them. She actually hides them and pulls them out one at a time! I really have no idea how many this makes as I usually double or triple the recipe. Also it depends on how much of the center you like . UPDATE: some people have had difficulty with the filling being to runny....adding more powdered sugar is not going to alter the taste so feel free to add another 1/2 c to a cup with out…

Jodi Johnson
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Chocolate Covered Cherries

I bookmarked this recipe from Le Petit Pierogi way back in December, knowing that it was on my must-do list. I have always been such a huge fan of chocolate covered cherries, and I thought that attempting them could be a good challenge. Plus, I could adapt them to my own liking....i.e vanilla…

Janet Odell