Couching embroidery

Explore the art of couching embroidery and create stunning designs with these creative ideas. Enhance your embroidery skills and add unique textures to your projects.
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Couching is the process of using embroidery stitches to stitch a cord (or yarn or decorative thread) to the surface of your fabric. It's a fun way to add some nice dimension to your work and it can give you a really unique effect. Give it a try! If you want to couch using your

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I think all of us know couching !!!!!. There are various way to couch, some use herringbone stitch to couch a thread, some buttonhole stitch .... so on. Basic couching, have a look at below picture, lay a thread or cord, then run simple stitch to hold thread at regular intervals as shown in picture. Couching Here i have used 6 strands of thread for laying and 2 strands of thread for couching. Couching Couching Simple exercise, i have taken a circle to work couching. Couching Observe above…

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I often get asked, "What stitch should I use for this... ?" Sometimes I'm asked about a specific design and other times I'm asked about what stitch to used based on the material. I find this to be a really hard question to answer because there are a lot of variables. What are you stitching on? What will the embroidery be used for? What kind of textures do you want to create within the embroidery? All of these elements factor into what stitches you should use and when. I use a variety of…

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Watch the video tutorial below or scroll down for the written instructions What is Couching? Couching is a technique where you lay yarn, thread, ribbon, etc on top of your fabric and stitch them in place with a zigzag or fancy stitch, either in a similar thread or a contrasting thread. Couching adds interest and texture to your projects. I love playing around with different wools, threads, embroidery threads, lace, wool roving, and assorted cords to make my projects pop. Do You Need a…

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