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Enhance the look of your home with various curtain types. Discover the perfect curtains to add style and functionality to your living space.
Different Drapery & Curtain Styles: What Types To Buy And Which Ones To Avoid | The Savvy Heart | Interior Design, Décor, and DIY Drapery Treatments, Different Curtain Styles, Types Of Curtains, Curtains And Draperies, Drapery Styles, Curtain Styles, Curtain Designs, Drapery, Curtain Styles Bedroom

Ever been shopping for curtains or drapery and been overwhelmed by all the options? Or not know the difference between all the styles available? Here are the types of curtains you should be looking for and which styles you should avoid.

Divya Rajasekaran
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The one room challenge with media sponsor better homes and gardens is winding down and we are knee deep in work orders and wallpaper selection. Here we share some of the decision making process and details for ordering custom draperies along with our final three candidates for the wallpaper.

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