Day for night

Learn how to achieve the stunning day for night effect in your films. Discover techniques and tips to transform daytime scenes into captivating night scenes that will leave your viewers in awe.
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Friday sounds like a great day for a freebie! This week in our preschool lessons, we learned about Day and Night. So I made for reference for my preschool munchkins, and wanted to share! Scroll down to get this printable for yourself! Day and Night Sorting Activity Freebie As you can see, this printable is...Read More

Becky Diekema
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Topic 17 Day and Night Hi everyone, Keren here, introducing the new topic; Day and Night! Two opposites that we see every day. Which one is your favourite? Are you the early bird, up with the lark or a night-owl who loves to stay up late and watch the stars? The contrasts in colour, imagery and even texture open up a whole world of possibilities and certainly artistically speaking, there's much to explore. The dark velvety night and the bright sunshine warmth of the day (assuming the sun is…

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