Dinosaur puns

Unleash your inner comedian with these hilarious dinosaur puns. Get ready to laugh and share these puns with your friends for some prehistoric fun.
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Dinosaurs may be extinct, but dinosaur puns will forever be dino-mite. Bet you saur that coming… Do-you-think-he-saur–us? We came. We saur. We conquered. Don’t be a saur loser. When you see a dino-snore, don’t disturb. Dino-smore – Favorite dinosaur campfire sweet treat. Dino-sour – Moody, bad tempered dinosaurs prone to hissy-fits. Dino-sir – A dinosaur knight. Dino-saw – What dinosaurs used before power saws where invented. Tea-Rex – That well-cultured… 100+ Dinosaur Puns And Jokes That…

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