Divinity original sin

Embark on an adventure in the epic world of Divinity Original Sin. Discover captivating quests, powerful characters, and thrilling battles in this critically acclaimed RPG game.
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Lohse is a human bard first encountered while aboard the Merryweather who winds up on Fort Joy in 1242 AD. Lohse seems upbeat and energetic, as well as sarcastic and good humored; but deep inside her psyche, there is evil taking root and spreading throughout her. Despite this, Lohse is a lively character with a sassy attitude. She wants nothing more than to rid herself of the demon lurking inside her mind. While her overall temperament is kind and compassionate, the darkness she keeps just…

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I was honored to participate in the making of this new keyart/box art for the definitive edition, including on PS4 and Xbox. It is the result of a collab between Larian Studios and Petrol Advertising. Really happy with this one.

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This is keyart I made for the game "Divinity: Original Sin" by LarianStudios. © Copyright 2010,2012 Larian Studios, all rights reserved. Larian Studios, Divinity and Original Sin are registered trademarks of Larian Studios in the US and other countries.

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