Doctor Who Companions

Discover the most memorable Doctor Who companions who have journeyed through time and space with the Doctor. Join their adventures and experience the thrill of the TARDIS.
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All of us have a yearning deep inside for adventure. We’d like to run away to the stars, to the future, to the past. If you’ve always dreamed of jumping into a magical blue box and flying off on adventures across the universe with a madman named The Doctor, dream no more: we’re going to turn you into one of the Doctor’s companions. From Rose Tyler to Bill Potts, the women who join the Doctor in his TARDIS are smart, capable, and keep him pointed in the right direction. Each one has their own…

Alistair John
7 Hottest Female Companions of DOCTOR WHO ~ The Geek Twins Lady, Doctor Who, Alex Kingston, Doctor Who Assistants, Doc, Classic Doctor Who, Doctor, The Girl Who, Dr Who

The Doctor is known for his human sidekicks, known by fans as “companions,” who travel with him, help him, and act as surrogates for the audience in his otherworldly adventures. While he’s had dozens of companions, one common theme is that he almost always has a beautiful female companion with him. Here are the seven

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