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Once I came across a quote by famous photographer and writer Roger Caras, who said: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” I believe that this quote perfectly illustrates the bond between the famous photographer Theron Humphrey and his lovely coonhound Maddie. Maddie accompanies Theron on his epic adventures across America and Theron photographs her by his side.

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An older picture, I havent really taken any pictures recently. At Shandi's recent vet visit we discovered that since we got Banjo Shandi has lost 13 pounds (6kg). Now I guess she was a little chubby before but she's borderlining too skinny now so lucky her is getting fed more in hopes of her putting on a bit of weight. Also sorry everyone for not really commenting lately. I've just been so busy I've hardly had time to do anything. I'll try to comment today.

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Just like humans, dogs can choke on the things that they put in their mouths. But unlike humans, they’re more likely to gnaw on non-food items, or simply swallow things whole. If you’ve ever wondered why certain pet toys have weight or size suggestions on them, a big reason is to reduce the risk of that item becoming a choking hazard. Be sure to avoid the non-food and non-toy items on this list, and monitor your pooch closely with the others! #1 ... Read more

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