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I am approximately halfway into the scale shirt. let me catch you up on what has happened: six months ago, I bought 6000 bright brass scales and 12000 stainless steel split rings. I put them into a bucket and washed them, and began dipping them into asphaltum and placing them in rows of ten on small copper "branches". after the asphaltum dried, I took the scales off the branches and stacked them in tens. I scratched my first designs into the shiny black coat to reveal the brass that would be…

Sanna Kortetjärvi
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You can create your own dragon costume or decoration with this awesome dragon scale pattern. This pattern is for printing on fabric! Use it for cosplay costumes, fashion or just for fun! Settings: Creality CR6se: Hot end temp: 210 C Build plate temp: 60 C Material I used: Eryone copper PLA Fabric I use for printing: Nonwoven 100% Polypropylene Spunbond Fabric Slicer: Cura 3D STL Model. You can rescale it to any size you want when slicing. This File is a download. It's not a finished product…

Don Copeland