Dried flower bouquet

Elevate your home decor with stunning dried flower bouquets. Discover unique ideas to create a charming and long-lasting floral arrangement for any occasion.
Surprise and delight your wedding guests with these charming dried mini bouquets, perfect for gifting as a heartfelt thank-you. One bouquet is slightly larger than the other and features delicate white and pink flowers. The other is a smaller version, perfect for holding and admiring up close. Each bouquet is made with attention to detail that matches your wedding colors. These timeless bouquets are sure to delight all of your guests, and serve as a cherished reminder of your special day." Hochzeit, Boda, Hoa, Mariage, Bouquet, Bouquet Tutorial, Arreglos Florales, White, Deko

Tiny dried mini bouquets are designed especially for you. You can use these bouquets as a gift or gift box decorations for your friends to make them smile. Also, mini bouquets are a great option to natural, aesthetic and durable gifts for your guests. You can give these incredible favors to guests for your bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party or wedding day. Please send messages, we can design your bouquets according to your concept. Approx. 7”- 8” long. Bouquets are made of dried…

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If you're looking to switch up your bouquet or wedding centerpieces for fall, opt for dried flowers. Some of your favorite fresh blooms look incredibly rustic, vintage-inspired, and unique in dried form, and are the perfect addition to a fall wedding. Click through for ways to try the new trend.

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At Bracken & Berry, bespoke florals are our specialty. These exclusive luxury designs transform your home and make lasting gifts. Each design is thoughtfully crafted with you in mind, ensuring a unique custom creation. No two designs are ever identical. Our Bespoke Dried Floral Designs collection includes a select

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