Embroidery kits

Unleash your creativity with the best embroidery kits available. Explore a wide range of options to start your next stitching project and bring your ideas to life.
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Embroidery art is such a lovely way to bring that vintage, nostalgic feel to any space and with these beginner kits, it’s easier than you’d think to create your own. If you’re looking for a new hobby that you can take on from the comfort of your own home, I’ve got just the thing… With…

Ashlie Teck
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Little by little I've mentioned in my posts some mistakes that you might be making as a hand embroidery beginner and warned you from some other things that you can do as a rookie. But all of it is scattered around the blog, so I thought it is a high time I make a compilation and gather all of that in one place. So here we go! The list of the most common mistakes as a hand embroidery beginner: 1. Not taking your fabric out of the hoop after stitching session So, let's say, you have an…

Adrienne James
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Earlier this week, I was delighted to see some new surface embroidery kits available here in the US. It's difficult to find commercial surface embroidery kits that employ lots of different stitches - kits that are colorful, fun, and tasteful, so this collection is exciting! Kits like these ar

Janette Erdmann