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The Take it Further fiber book is finally complete. My first fiber book, I'm over the moon. The cover is felt which I've embroidered and it opens to reveal the page above. Flipping through the pages. One for each month. That's the last page. The free form Cable chain stitch is an attempt to imitate the end papers in very old hard bound books which are marbled. The edges of the pages have sugar beads at intervals. You can see I got carried away. Click on the months to see each page of the…

Natalia Lesyk
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Here's the method I've devised to make the Take it Further Fiber Book and the two volumes of Take a Stitch Tuesday stitch sampler. The Take it Further Fiber Book is my first fiber book ever and this is how I went about making the book. Using running stitch I mark the 'pages' on the cloth. Each page has two halves or portions , one on the left and one on the right. The size of the portion where the embroidery stitch is done is 3.2" x 5.75" with a 1/2" space between the two portions (the…

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