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Discover practical and inspiring ideas to create a happy and harmonious household. Set and achieve your family goals for a fulfilling and joyful life together.
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Everyone agrees - newborn photos are stinking adorable! With baby photography, you are able to capture a fleeting moment in the life of your baby - one that will be impossible to get back. This is a comprehensive collection of newborn photo ideas to inspire you, so that you can plan your own baby photoshoot! (Scroll down for tips on how to take newborn photos.) When it comes to newborn photography, you have many options. You could do: Lifestyle newborn photography - this is the easiest and…

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Falling for her brothers best friend is one thing but getting pregnant is another, Bailey freaking out on what her best friend Olivia will say to find out she is going to be an auntie to her best friends child. ⚠️Smut, underage drinking, drugs, abuse⚠️ Started- 13/10/2020 Ended- 27/01/2021

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