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Explore the world of fine jewelry designers and find unique pieces that reflect your personal style. From classic to contemporary, find the perfect jewelry to elevate your look.
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Anvil Fine Wares Inc. is a family-run, fully licensed and registered corporation based in Arizona. We offer the largest selection of Bellarri 14K & 18K natural gemstone jewelry in the United States and we sell all of our Bellarri at deep discounts.

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Winter is here and the snowflakes are gently falling in sparkling wheels of colour on the trees, houses and pavements where they form snow-white feather beds. Watching them through the window, you can see how gusts of wind sometimes spirit them away into the distance in twinkling garlands of light. A similar effect is created by the jewellery designers who encrust gold or platinum with dozens, if not hundreds, of diamonds with a pavé setting.

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“Shining like diamonds, little seeds of hope in the large, large, world.” Carmen Reed Like every MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery piece, the Pomegranate ring has a unique story to share, an additional layer of meaning enriching the design. Through visual impact every piece in the collection extends an invitation to make connections – “Conversation” pieces, as the brand calls their creations. The Pomegranate ring is the latest addition to the award winning ONGOING Transformers’ Collection.

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