Forgotten realms

Embark on an epic journey through the Forgotten Realms, a vibrant and immersive fantasy world filled with ancient civilizations, legendary heroes, and mythical creatures. Discover the secrets and wonders that await you in this captivating realm.
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The Regions & Countries Of Faerun

Faerun as a continent is generally divided into 11 clear regions, 8 of which are agreed to be "civilised" with the remaining three still recovering from major natural disasters. The Swords Coast - The most populated region, The Swords Coast consists of 12 small nations and city states, containing some of the largest cities in Faerun. It's culture is broadly influenced by Waterdeep, the largest of these cities. The most widespread languages are Illuskan, Chondathan, Espruar, Telpi, and…

Faerûn was a major continent on the planet of Toril. The continent included terrain that was as... Drizzt Do Urden, Dnd World Map, Fantasy World Map, Imaginary Maps, Tabletop Rpg Maps, Karten Design, Rpg Map, Forgotten Realms, Dungeon Maps


Faerûn (pronounced: /feɪˈruːn/ fay-ROON[2] listen or: /ˌfeɪɛrˈuːn/ FAY-er-OON[3]) was a major continent on the planet of Toril.[4][5][note 1] The word "Faerûn" was a modified version of "Faerie", the name of the homeland of ancient elves. The term was coined by Durothil, prince of Tintageer, Faerie.[7] The continent included terrain that was as varied as any other. Besides the exterior coastline to the west and south, the most dominant feature on the continent was the Sea of Fallen Stars…

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World Axis cosmology

The World Axis was a cosmological model created after the dramatic changes to the nature of the multiverse caused by the Spellplague of 1385 DR,[1] and quickly became the most widely accepted model during the late years of the 14th century DR and for most of the 15th century.[2] This structure, which resembled a sphere split into two axes—hence the name—resulted from the Spellplague and its effects upon the local multiverse, which included the untethering of the astral dominions[2] and the…

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Phandalin was a village in the Sword Coast North[4] that enjoyed much prosperity in the 10th century DR.[3] It was raided by orcs in 951 DR and subsequently abandoned.[4][5] It was eventually resettled in the late 15th century as a frontier settlement of farmers and prospectors.[6] In the late 15th century DR, Phandalin was a modest and architecturally boring town of hard-working frontiersfolk built atop the ruins of the old Phandalin.[6][2][7] The town quickly grew to about fifty…

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