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I came across mixed media/found object artist, James Michael Starr before the holidays and have been thinking about his work ever since. His statement: I find the aged and battered objects commonly employed in assemblage and collage to be both beautiful and moving, but am weary of their tendency, as art mediums, to take themselves so seriously. I hope to tweak that somberness and agenda, and make works that are more accessible, by evoking frivolous imagery from our collective consciousness…

laurent Mollon
even robots get the blues Toys, Metal, Steampunk, Junk Art, Yard Art, Junk Metal Art, Recycled Robot, Vintage Robots, Found Object

This poor fella is called '' Even robots get the blues" He is quite sad because he brought flowers to try and impress Miss Galaxy girl, but she wanted nothing to do with an old 289 model he has quite the case of the robot blues. He is made from an old vintage electrical box, 50's table legs, vintage conduit, bicycle headlight, 289 ford emblem, aluminum anodized wire flowers, and a engine flywheel.